Terms And Conditions

1.   Cancellation and refund

No refund is possible in case of communications and/or requests for non-participation or transfer of the fee to another Trixman event, received after April 15, 2019. Moreover, after that date, registrations cannot be transferred to the following year, nor can discounts or future benefits be granted for missed refunds (not due to the athlete because the requests were made beyond the indicated time limits).

For requests received before April 15, 2019, where admissible, the percentages of refund will be:

until 31/01/2019 = 80%
01/02/2019 > 10/03/2019 = 50%
11/03/2019 > 14/04/2019 = 30%

Any refund is calculated on the competition fees only. Any other service surcharge paid by the participant (e.g. for payment by credit card/PayPal/bank wire transfer/postal bill) is not considered in the refund percentages and is entirely at the expense of the participant.

The transfer to another event is allowed if the event where to make the transfer occurs within the same year as the event of origin. In case of differences in the participation fees, if the event to which the transfer is requested involves a greater amount, the difference must be paid by the athlete; whereas if the cost is lower, the same is already waived by the athlete.

The transfer of quotas between athletes is not allowed.


2.   Membership

Membership to an Italian or foreign triathlon federation is mandatory. Memberships to other federations or sporting bodies shall not be valid. Without a valid membership card it is not possible to participate. The organiser does not assume any liability if the membership to a foreign triathlon federation held by the participant does not provide himt/her with insurance cover during the event.


3.   Cancellation of the event

In accordance with the Race memorandum (Circolare Gare) of the Italian Triathlon Federation (F.I.Tri.) 2019 (art.11) and its Technical regulations (Regolamento Tecnico) in force (art. 56.06) the following provision shall apply: if the competition is cancelled, postponed to another date and/or, in any case, not carried out for reasons that are not dependent on and/or do not relate to the will of the organiser, including the revocation of the authorization to perform the event by the competent public authorities, the registered athlete will have nothing to claim from the organizing company, not even by way of refund of expenses incurred and those incurred by signing the application form also as a waiver of any claim for damages and/or compensation and/or any claim reinstatement and/or satisfaction of any financial loss suffered and suffering for the reasons set out above.

The registered athlete will have nothing to claim from the organiser even in the event of cancellation of a foreseen discipline and/or the possible transformation of a discipline into another for reasons not depending on the will of the organiser. This provision shall also apply if the registered athlete decides not to take part in the new race formula.


4.   Liability and Privacy

By registering for TriXman, the athlete declares that he/she is fully aware of, unconditionally accepts the present regulations and exonerates the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by him/her or derived from him/her. Participating athletes must obey traffic regulations (Codice della Strada).
Furthermore, the athlete declares that he/she is not aware of any previous medical condition or injury that could put him/her at risk during the event.
In accordance with EU Reg. no. 679/16, before completing the registration, the athlete is required to read the information pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. 679/16 provided to the same and to give, in the cases provided for, any consent to the treatment.