Time or distance training?

Do you prefer to perform 120km by bike or 4 hours? Purists naturally take care of kilometers.

I, obviously, do not.

Yes, but if you have to perform a 180km bike race and during practicing you do 70 in 4 hours, what training is it?

Or if you have to prepare a 42km marathon and then the long one in the longest you do not have to exceed 2h30 'and you do 26km, can you consider it a very long one?

Avoiding going too much on the physiological (and the effects that can affect an amateur, especially slow, to stay more than 2h30 'on the legs), I prefer to talk more about the organizational aspect that, always for an amateur, remains the most important thing find the right balance between family / work / triathlon.


First aspect: if you know you have to train for 4 hours on a bike (or 2 for a ride, for example), after that time you know you'll be at home (ok, also calculate the stops for drinking, going to the bathroom, etc.) .

In short, you can make definite commitments with a certain precision, making it easier to organize life.


Second aspect: tell a person to get 120km by bike. Do you know what he will do? At 90% it will look for the easiest, most known, and above all flatter, route for:

  1. Hurry and get home as soon as possible
  2. Return home with the best possible hourly average

However, getting lost -by this way- the most pleasant (and more training, but I consider it secondary) aspects of a bike ride.

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