We are Online: the Trixman era begins

We are online, we are Trixman Sport & Triathlon!

We have worked, sweated, raced and sometimes even quarreled to try to give the world of Triathlon and Sport in general a new event worthy of its name.

The # Civitavecchia19 will be the first Trixman competition in history, which we hope will be followed by many others.

Meanwhile, from today, Friday, November 30, 2018, we go online with a site that intends to be a portal of sports information for those seeking advice for their training and for those who want to enter the Trixman world by participating in one of our races.

Discover our events, follow our coaches, write us for information and details, report errors and advise us.

Trixman Sport & Triathlon was born for those who make sport their passion.

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